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Dajjal 2012…

Dajjal 2012….

Dajjal 2012…

Dajjal 2012

The year of 2012 is the time limit for the modernisation of Pentagon milliter system,time limit for Codex Alimentarius achievement,time limit for Agenda 21 achievement,time limit for Kyoto Agreement implementation,and time limit for the others international agenda.

WHY 2012 ?

Dajjal is around us

Mystery behind the Frozen video clip:

When we observe the advice and the meaning in the poetry and the story of the video,there are some understanding that is very astonish.Look at the slices of the poetry:

If I could melt your heart

We’d never be apart

Give yourself to me

You are the key”

Then,look at the video clip,the queen of pop liken herself like the Satan.Madonna wears the black cloth and she looks very fearfull.Then,she translate the shawl into some black crows.Does’nt stop there,she then translate herself into a black dog.Then ,in the video clip she execute the obligation as a “mason” follower by doing the ritual dance to “mr” that she serves.With the power that given by Madonna Sirius star she absorb the dark energy in her soul.

Black crow,black dog and Sirius star are the symbols of world sorcery power at the mid-century.The translation of human into a black dog has been fitted in a Germany manuscript aged 7 centuries.”Eine spatmitellalterlche deutsche  Anleitung zur Teufelsbeschworung mit Runenschriftverwendung” is the title of the manuscript that means “satan will come in a face of a black dog and answer all of your questions.


In the ancient Egypt tradition,the Sirius star is called as the dog’s star,while as in the Yunani language ,the “Sirius”  word aim to “Seirios” word that mean “embers”.This star is very stick to many ritual prosesion just like in the ancient Egypt,which Sirius  is called sopded-the time of unifier between Isis,Horus and Osiris.Besides,Sirius star also recorded in many ancient civilation like Persia.
So,that’s very clear about what does Madonna wants to impart.Is that only coincidence?Or that is one of the modern ritual of Dajjal cult?