Angry Birds

Angry Birds Game:

The first and original Angry Birds. Head over here if you want to find out information about the original game and get all the walkthroughs for each level set. This is the game that blew up the franchise and started it all. It turned us all into Bird lovers and pig haters!

Angry Birds Seasons:

Angry Birds Seasons originally came out as a Christmas update to the Angry Birds game but then further expanded as more holidays arrived. This is possibly going to end up being the biggest game in terms of levels that they have.

Angry Birds Plush Toys :

First and most popular at the moment, we have the plush toys. These little stuffed toys make great little gifts for the young Angry Birds lovers. They are made out of soft plush material and there is many different characters to choose from. You can even choose the pigs if you want! We do recommend that you don’t give them to a child under 1 year old though.

Angry birds T Shirts:

Not much to explain here. There are many shirts from tons of different vendors as well as the official shirts you can buy from Rovio themselves. These are great to show off your love for the Angry Birds game as well as to buy for gifts for your loved ones. Don’t be mislead by the picture either, those bland shirts are not the only kind they have. There is all types of different designs and Angry Birds patterns.

Angry Birds Keychains:

With the Angry Birds keychains you can show off your love of the game in a subtle way. People will notice the little bird (or pig!) hanging on your keys and will immediately know that you are a fan. And if not it is a great conversation starter and you can help spread the word about Rovio and their awesome games! These little trinkets make great gifts during the holiday season you can throw them in as a stocking stuffer. Or you can just get them as a cool little birthday present for your friend or family.

Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game:

The Angry Birds Knock On Wood game is awesome because it is a physical representation of the game itself but in real life. It is a great gift for Angry Birds lovers of any age. I have this game just as a decoration in my office. It’s excellent and will only set you back somewhere around $30 depending on what webstore you buy it from. It’s definitely a must have for collectors.


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